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A garden with water is a garden with life.

Get lost in the magic of a naturally beautiful water feature in your garden.

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Wild Pond Designs

You want your pond to look good, we want your pond to work great. We'll work with your space to create a feature that's both beautiful and beneficial. 

Enjoyed by people and pond life alike.

Diverse Planting Schemes

Flowers. Foliage. Fully functioning machines working overtime to keep that water crisp, clean and clear. 

The value of plants in a true wild pond are key.

We like pretty ponds... we love pretty clean ponds.

Pond Habitat Development

Your pond looks bleak. It's OK! It happens.

We're pretty nifty at turning bleak to sleek, and we've plenty of ideas and inspiration to achieve it. 

Time for an upgrade?

Care Free Management

It's a wet and dirty job, but someone's got to do it?

Managing a diverse aquatic ecosystem requires vast planting, frequent care and a patient pond owner. 

Your water should be wild, your time with it less so.

So, where to?

Pond Design

Pond Creation

Pond Development

Aquatic Planting

Maintain & Enjoy

... or, keep scrolling for more content!

We get so much benefit from spending time by the pond. 

It is a very relaxing and lovely part of our garden now.

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Frog's Eye View

A closer look at some of our work. 

We put creativity, detail and (lots of) lush plants into all of our water gardens.

Still Pondering?

We live for ponds. 

It is our strong belief that they should be in every garden, school and community space. 

Why, you ask?

For The Love Of Frogs

And toads, newts, critters, dragonflies...the list is endless!

Even the smallest ponds are home to a great vastness of wildlife. 

Not Your Typical Bird Bath

The best bathing spot in town is a guarantee for bird action.

Perhaps a beautiful kingfisher may even perch nearby for a while. 

Pond Envy Is A Real Thing

People love water. It's fascinating, full of life and movement.

When they see your oasis they'll want one of their own.

Peace On Earth

We all need it. A space to relax, unwind, connect to nature. 

WildWater can create that, and put it right outside your backdoor.

Old or new - WildWater can help you...

We've pulled your arm. You want a brand new sparkling WildWater pond and you want it now! We think you've made the right choice. 

Read on following the button below or, if you cannot wait any longer, get in touch with us here. 

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We told you pond envy was real.

You've got a pond that needs help, this is our calling. We're not afraid of the mud and stench, we quite like it - follow the button if you don't believe us. 

More of an emergency? Right away, get in touch here.

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Design, Create, Plant & Maintain - what can we do for you?

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